15-418 Parallel Computer Architecture and Programming: Implementation and Comparison of Parallel LZ77 and LZ78 Algorithms

Fuyao Zhao, Nagarathnam Muthusamy

Code Repository PLZ77 Code Repository PLZW



Week What We Plan To Do What We Actually Did
Apr 1-7 Choosing the algorithms from LZ family to be parallelized Decide implement parallel LZW using tree decomposition after literature research. Beging write a more detail description about our parallel LZ77 algorithm.
Apr 8-14 Implement the initial parallel version of chosen algorithms  Improve the writen up, Implement the first version of LZW, IO utility, simple test cases, parallel ANSV (nlogn work), parallel Point jump (nlog work), parallel RMQ (nlogn work)
Apr 15-21 Implement the initial parallel version of chosen algorithms  implement the linear work parallel jump, linear work prefix sum, compile them to get the initial version of parallel lz77 optimize several codes
Apr 22-28 Optimize the Parallel version of the algorithm implement the tree dependent LZW algortihm & try out different parallel sorting algorithm for suffix array construction
Apr 29-May 5 Analyze the Data collected done
May 6-11 Prepare a report on the findings done



Final report