Computation & Deduction
Spring 1997
Frank Pfenning

Lecture 23: Failure Continuations

This guest lecture given by Iliano Cervesato

This lecture first discusses the theory of resolution. The resolution judgment isolates inherent non-determinism in proof search, but does not yet resolve it. This requires lower-level judgments. As one example we pick the disjunctive non-determinism (clause selection) which is solved by backtracking and implement is via failure continuateion.
	- Resolution
	  * soundness and completeness results and proofs
	  * hereditary Harrop formulas, Horn clauses, language design issues
	  * pointer to notes: Section 8.5
	  * code: no code used
	- Failure continuations
	  * language of continuations
	  * deductive system
	  * soundness theorem and proof
	  * non-deterministic completeness
	  * pointer to notes: no material on that, except the unfinished
	    Section 8.6
	  * code: no code used.
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