Computation & Deduction
Spring 1997
Frank Pfenning


This code implements Mini-ML with natural numbers, pairs, functions, definitions, and recursion. This includes the definition of the Mini-ML language, evaluation and typing judgments, and proofs of value soundness and type preservation. Besides the main implementation which is indexed in the CONFIG file, there are some incidental files in this directory giving some variations and additional examples.

File Description Lecture
mini-ml.elf Mini-ML expression language 7
tp.elf Language of Mini-ML types 7
eval.elf Evaluation judgment 7
value.elf Value judgment 7
val-sound.elf Value soundness proof 7
tpinf.elf Typing rules 8
tp-preserve.elf Type preservation proof 9
closed.elf Closed expressions  
examples.quy Example queries 7,8,9

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