Computation & Deduction
Spring 1997
Frank Pfenning

Assignment 3

Due: Feb 11

Since this assignment consists mostly of Elf code, please send me the code or (better yet) a pointer to the code directory in AFS. Please include some minimal comments and some example queries so it will be easy for me to navigate through your implementation.
Exercise 4.2
The Elf interpreter for Mini-ML contains some obvious redundancies. For example, while constructing an evaluation of case e1 of z => e2 | s x => e3 the expression e1 will be evaluated twice if its value is not zero. Write a program for evaluation of Mini-ML expressions in Elf that avoids this redundant computation and prove that the new interpreter and the natural semantics given here are equivalent. Implement this proof as a higher-level judgment relating derivations.
Exercise 4.3
Implement the optimized version of evaluation from Exercise 2.11 in which values that are substituted for variables during evaluation are not evaluated again. Based on the modified interpreter, implement bounded evaluation e >=n=> v with the intended meaning that e evaluates to v in at most n steps (for a natural number n). You may make the simplifying but unrealistic assumption that every inference rule represents one step in the evaluation.
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