CS 15-212: Fundamental Principles of Computer Science II

Language and Programming Environment

How to run MLWorks

MLWorks runs on the Sparc workstations in the Wean Hall Cluster 5th floor. The binary can be found in the directory
To run MLWorks on a machine without the X-windows environment, start it with the flag -tty. If you have problems, contact one of the teaching assistants Iliano Cervesato or Carsten Schuermann.

Local Guides

  • Local guide to using SML
  • MLworks
  • Supplementary Reading

  • Introduction to SML
  • Four Lectures on Standard ML: Part 1, part 2, and part 3. (Examples from the notes are available online.)
  • Principal SML'96 libraries

  • Char
  • String
  • Int
  • Real
  • Math
  • List
  • TextIO
  • Array
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    Carsten Schuermann (carsten@cs.cmu.edu)
    Iliano Cervesato (iliano@cs.cmu.edu)