Connect4 - Tournament

The Cup for the cup and a lot of extra credit points is decided. In a very exciting and close final match between kraai and caesar, kraai won with a lead of merely 0.46 seconds. The final score was 1:1.

The presentation ceremony will take place Tuesday 12:00 in WH5403.

Organization of the tournament

In this year's tournament we had 24 participants which have been divided into 4 groups a 5 competitors. Four competitors have been disqualified because their programs didn't load or type check. The others have been assigned randomly to groups:

Group I Group II Group III Group IV Disqualified
faulring Jason Grosman jr6b fp lps
hsiung Barrett Trask priley dilello jtb
kraai caesar dt2v bre sdavis
Ross A. Knepper sereny enb alonso keddie
Larry Greenfield carchia doane toole -

The preliminary round was played round robin -- everybody in a group played everybody. The four winners of a group entered the first round of the single elimination match:

Match Group I Match Group II Match Group III Match Group IV
faulring Jason Grosman jr6b fp
hsiung Barrett Trask priley -
kraai caesar - bre
- sereny enb alonso
Larry Greenfield - doane toole

Each competitor was randomly assigned to an opponent. The following elimination tree shows the development of the match:

First Round Larry Greenfield fp sereny alonso bre faulring caesar enb doane toole jr6b priley Barrett Trask Jason Grosman kraai hsiung
Quarter final Larry Greenfield sereny faulring caesar toole priley Jason Grosman kraai
Semi final Larry Greenfield caesar priley kraai
Final caesar kraai
WINNER kraai

And here again, the result of te final match:

Player Opponent Winner Score (Player) Score (Opponent) Time (Player) (ms) Time (Opponent) (ms)
kraai caesar kraai 1 1 26910 27470

Congratulation to the winner and thanks for participating.

The 15-212-X staff