15-411 Compiler Design

x86-64 Machine-Level Programming

The following documents will help you fathom the depths of machine-level programming on the new x86-64 machines, a 64-bit extension of the Intel instruction set.

IA32 and Assembler Reference Material

The following are for the older Intel x86 architectures. See the newer references above for the x86-64 (also known as IA32-EM64T).


Garbage Collection


Standard ML Implementations

  • Standard ML of New Jersey (SML/NJ)
    Default (v110.59) on the lab machines; invoke with sml
    Recent versions are likely to be compatible with SML/NJ v110.59
  • MLton
    A highly optimizing, whole program compiler mostly compatible with SML/NJ
  • Poly/ML
    Another high quality compiler

Standard ML Libraries and Documentation

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