Florence on the TODAY SHOW
(December 31, 1999)

Flo on the Today Show.

Katie asks Flo a question


Sebastian and Reid live on Today

Reid explains Flo

Katie asks "Who's your favorite TV anchor?"

Says Flo: "Katie is my favorite TV anchor!"

"This is a very intelligent Robot"

Sebastian speculates when robots like Flo might be available.

Flo reminds Katie to take her vitamins, and asks how her tennis elbow is doing.

So Katie responds

Now she's come too close, violating the robot's space.

Flo frowning.

Xavier comes in.

Reid talks about Xavier.

Flo plays Tony Bennett, Katie's favorite.

Look who's smiling.

Robots dancing.

Later, Katie and Tom discuss what might happen to them if CMU invents a robotic newscaster.

The other team members: Mike Montemerlo (left) and Greg Armstrong (right)

And Shirley Chan, the person who made it all happen!

"Flo Curry," the famous robotic newscaster.