Popsicle stick bridge

A. Objective

To build the bridge within our specifications that has the highest payload to weight ratio. The bridge must be constructed of approved materials.

B. Apparatus

C. The Competition

  1. Teams must submit their bridge 1/2 hour before the competition for inspection. Teams will be given 15 minutes to modify bridges which do not pass inspection.
  2. Inspection will test that the construction rules were followed and will record the mass of the bridge.
  3. Certified bridges will be placed over "Crusher Canyon" by the team members, who may make final adjustments in its position. The canyon will consist of a 60 cm space between two flat desktops. Nothing will be provided to keep the base of the bridge in place during loading.
  4. Once the bridge is in position, the loading tray will be attached in the position indicated above. The load will hang below the bridge, supported by two bars which rest on the deck of the bridge, 20 centimeters from each end.
  5. Bridges will then be subjected to loading. Bridge failure will be considered the point at which the bridge breaks or the point at which the loading tray drops more than 5 centimeters from the unloaded position.
D. Judging and Scoring
  1. The greatest load prior to failure will be a bridge's capacity.
  2. The capacity divided by the bridge mass will be the bridge's score.
  3. The bridge with the highest score wins the event.