Egg drop vehicle

A. Objective

The objective of this event is to prepare an egg re-entry vehicle that will safely return an uncooked egg to the ground. The vehicle must be built from approved materials and should be designed to safely carry an egg to the ground from the fourth floor window of Allderdice High School.

B. Apparatus

C. The Competition

  1. Egg re-entry vehicles must be submitted for inspection 1/2 hour before competition.
  2. For each team's vehicle, 1 Grade A medium chicken egg will be supplied.
  3. The drop will be conducted as follows:
D. Judging and Scoring
  1. The egg re-entry vehicle which preserves the egg longest will be declared the winner.
  2. In the event of a tie, (i.e. both eggs break when dropped from the third floor, both survive three drops from the fourth floor, etc.) the least massive vehicle will be declared the winner.