J. Fernando Alfaro

Postdoctoral Research Associate


MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) is the primary area of my research. One of my goals is to create new devices that will have a direct impact in Robotics. Biomedical applications, RF/implantable sensors that require a good understanding of different areas in order to be integrated in a specific system.

Contact info

Address: 5000 Forbes Ave. CMU.RI/ICES
Hamerschlag 1209
Pittsburgh, PA. 15213.
Phone: 412.268.4405
Fax: 412.268.4595
E-mail: fer @ cmu . edu

More info

Advisor: Dr. Gary K. Fedder
phone: 412.268.8443
E-mail: fedder @ ece . cmu . edu