New CS Buildings

This page contains information on buildings built over the past 10 or so years by other Computer Science Departments.
It is meant as an aid to the planning process for the new "Gates Center for Computer Science".

A PDF summary of the information on this page.

  • MIT, 2004
    Stata Center: the William H. Gates Building and the Alexander Dreyfoos Building
    Also see the book "Building Stata" by Nancy Joyce, the project director
    Project Cost: Original goal was $212 million, current projection is $285 million (see discussion)
    Construction Cost: $198 million for "core and shell"
    Space: 420K GSF + 280K GSF Parking
    Dryefoos tower: AI, Lab for Inf. and Decisions Systems (LIDS), Linguistics and Philosophy Dept.
    Gates tower:LCS
    Ground level:"student street", food services, child care center (73 children)
    Basement:atheletic facility: fitness, dance, locker room, access to Alumni pool
    Plans: HTML or PDF
    Major Donors: $25M Ray Stata, $15M Alexander Dreyfoos, $20M William Gates (more info on donors)
    Architect: Frank O. Gehry

  • UIUC, 2004
    Siebel Center
    Project Cost: $80 million (original projection, final cost?)
    Construction Cost: $55 million ($245 GSF)
    Space: 225K GSF, 128K ASF (17K Lower, 27K 1st, 29K 2nd, 28K 3rd, 28K 4th).
    Undergrad: 29K = 9K Labs, 8K Classrms, 4K Lecture Hall, 7K TAs
    Research: 11K Labs, 23K Faculty Offices, 19K RAs
    Support: 46K = 3K Acad, 3K Admin, 3K Busin., 11K Conf + Fac support, 8K Comp rooms, 2.4K Mail/Ship, 8K Atrium + Lounge, 2K Storage
    Major Donors: $32M Thomas M. Siebel
    Architect: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (design), LZT (architect)

  • UCSD, 2004
    Computer Science and Engineering Building (EBU3b)
    Project Cost: $41-45 million
    Construction Cost: $30 million ($205/GSF). These were initial predicted costs. I was told that final costs were significantly greater
    Space: 148K GSF, 87K ASF (12K Basement, 19K 1st, 19K 2nd, 19K 3rd, 18K 4th), 137K BOMA rentable
    150 offices, 11 conference rooms, 100 person lecture hall
    2K admin. offices, 2K admin support, 2K student affairs, 12K instructional, 17K research offices, 20K research labs, 8K research support, 3K stor./print/kitchen, 5K conference rooms, 5K Computer support.
    10K Warren College (University Administration)
    The department has about 50 tenure faculty, 10 lecturers, 10 researchers, 20 visitors, 10 research staff, 25 administrators/assistants, 160 PhD students, 120 Master's students
    Plans: Basement, 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor, 4th Floor
    Project Planning: Detailed description of the planning process.
    Major Donors: none given, but building is yet to be named
    Architect: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (design)

  • U. Washington, 2003
    Paul G. Allen Center
    UWs "top institutional priority"
    Project Cost: $72 million, includes renovating part of adjacent building
    Construction Cost: $44 million including renovation ($245/GSF)
    Space: 168K GSF, 85K ASF (+ 22K GSF renovation)
    Plans: html
    Major Donors:
    $7.2M Microsoft, $14M Paul Allen, $6.5M Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 7 other $1M+ gifts, 75 other $25K+ gifts.
    $42M was from private giving, $20M from UW, $10M from state.
    The Gates foundation has also given/pledged $70 Million torwards a new $150M building for Genomics research (2003), and $12 Million to a new law building Gates Hall (named after Bill Gates' father).
    Bill Gates has also given $10 million for renaming the Physics building Mary Gates hall (1995), and $12 Million too launch the department of Molecular Biotechnology in the School of Medicine (1992).
    Dedication ceremony: Oct 9, 2003
    Hank Levy, faculty liaison for Allen Center design and construction
    Architect: LMN Architects

  • UT Austin, 2001
    ACES Building
    Cost:Impossible to find consistent numbers. $38 Million? (just construction?)
    Space: 180K GSF, with 15GS basement, 109K ASF
    CS 41%, ECE 27%
    Major Donor:The O'Donnell Foundation paid for the whole thing.
    Architect:Susman Tisdale Gayle

  • Harvard, 1999
    Maxwell Dworkin
    Construction Cost:$26M (from unreliable source)
    Space: 80K GSF, 51K ASF (as propposed)
    Major Donors: $15M Bill Gates, $10M Steve Ballmer ($5M of Gates' donation when to a chair)

  • Berkeley, 1996
    Soda Hall
    Project Cost: $35.5 million (entirely from private gifts)
    Space: 100K GSF, 60K ASF (40 faculty offices)
    Major Donors: $16M Charles and Hellen Soda, $5M Hewlett Packard Foundation
    named rooms
    initial specifications
    Talk on the planning of the building
    breakdown of space usage
    Carlo Sequin was chair of building committee.
    Planning started in the mid 80s

  • Stanford, 1996
    Gates Computer Science Building
    Project Cost: $38.4 Million
    Construction Cost: $26 Million
    Space: 49K ASF (original plan)
    Major Donors:$6M Bill Gates

  • Princeton, 1993
    CS Building

  • Cornell, planning
    2003 Strategic plan calls for a new building
  • Glossary

  • ASF: Assignable square feet
  • GSF: Gross square feet
  • BOMA Standard: a standard for measuring square footage of rentable space specified by the Building Owners and Managers Association (typically slightly less than GSF).

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