Analysis of Algorithms: Competition Results

The speed competition has included twelve correct sorting programs, all of which are excellent fast procedures. We have tested the three winners on hundred randomly generated arrays and ensured that the difference in their speed is statistically significant, that is, their relative performance does not depend on random events in the system. On the other hand, we have not verified the statistical significance of differences among the other nine procedures, and their relative speed may vary from test to test.


First place
Aneesh Karve
Sanjay Patel
Zane Reynolds
0.48 seconds 20 points Code 
Second place
Aaron Bromberg
Borislav Trifonov
0.54 seconds 20 points Code 
Third place
Hong Tang
0.64 seconds 20 points Code 

Close to winners

The speed of these procedures is within the factor of five from the winner.
Raul Benzon 0.71 seconds 10 points Code 
Richard Durazzo 0.73 seconds 10 points Code 
Richard Mendler 0.74 seconds 10 points Code 
Brad Haczynski 0.78 seconds 10 points Code 
Jamie Bombinski 0.78 seconds 10 points Code 
Sajeve Thomas 0.79 seconds 10 points Code 
Howard Means 0.98 seconds 10 points Code 

Other participants

Thaongoc Nguyen 3.24 seconds 5 points  Code 
Robert Banfield 3.51 seconds 5 points  Code 

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