The work on RADAR/Space-Time Module is part of the RADAR project, which is a large research project in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. The purpose of RADAR is to build an intelligent system that performs office-management tasks, including allocation of rooms, scheduling of meetings, processing of e-mail, and maintenance of web pages. It has to perform these tasks not only in everyday life, but also in crisis situations, such as last-minute re-planning of a conference due to unexpected changes in building availability. In particular, RADAR/Space-Time Module helps a human administrator to allocate rooms and related resources.

This web page is an archive of related materials, for the internal use by RADAR researchers. It includes working notes, progress reports, PowerPoint presentations, and code releases. The materials in this archive are not well-organized; furthermore, they include a number of outdated, unfinished, and partially inaccurate documents. If you are not a member of the RADAR project, you may not find any interesting materials on this page; however, you may learn about the overall project on the main RADAR page.

Disclaimer: The description of the functionality, target features, and development-time estimates is tentative, and it may be partially inaccurate. The working notes in this archive do not serve as an official description of RADAR/Space-Time Module, and they do not represent any commitments of the RADAR researchers.

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