Workshop on
Planetary Rover Technology and Systems
1996 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation

April 23, 1996
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Workshop Purpose

The objective of the workshop is to exchange information on the current state-of-practice in planetary rover research, development, and flight-validation, emphasizing lessons learned from practical implementations and testing.


Raja Chatila, LAAS-CNRS
Eric Krotkov, Carnegie Mellon University


Alptekin, Sema - California Polytechnic State University
Bicchi, Antonio - Universite di Pisa
Billings, Tom - Institute for Teleoperated Space Development
Blitch, John - Colorado School of Mines
Chatila, Raja - LAAS-CNRS
Dissanayake, Gamini - University of Sydney
Elfes, Alberto - UNDP/CNPQ Softex Program
Gifford, Kevin K. - University of Colorado
Giralt, Georges - LAAS-CNRS
Hawkins, Dale - Colorado School of Mines
Hershberger, David - Colorado School of Mines
Hirose, Shigeo - Tokyo Institute of Technology
Holweg, Edward - Fokker Space
Krotkov, Eric - Carnegie Mellon University
Kubota, Takashi - Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
Makanawala, Tejesh - University of Waterloo
Maurer, Markus - University of the Armed Forces, Munich
Moorehead, Stewart - University of Waterloo
Murphy, Robin R. - Colorado School of Mines
Nebot, Eduardo - University of Sydney
Simmons, Reid - Carnegie Mellon University
Sukhatme, Gaurav S. - University of Southern California
Volpe, Richard - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Wettergreen, David - NASA Ames Research Center
Zhang, Zhengyou - INRIA

Papers Presented

Workshop Video

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