Research Interests

I'm interested in Data Mining, Signal Processing & Optimization Algorithms for Data Mining and Multi-way (Tensor) Analysis, as well Coupled Matrix-Tensor Analysis. More specifically, I'm currently interested in discovering how knowledge and information is expressed and stored in the brain, through analyzing brain scan data (possibly from diverse experiments), coupled with external information. Additionally, I'm also interested in anomaly detection on very large graphs, especially when temporal or multi-view information is present.

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  • epapalexcs dot cmu dot edu
  • vagelis.papalexakisgmail dot com
  • vag_papalexyahoo dot gr


GHC 9219
Computer Science Department
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Web Presence

You can download a .pdf of my CV here.


Graduate Coursework


Computer Networks, Spectral Graph Theory and Numerical Linear Algebra, Multimedia Databases and Data Mining (audit), Graduate Algorithms, Semantics of Programming Languages, Information Processing & Learning, Social Media Analysis, Computer Architecture, Introduction to Machine Learning.


Detection & Estimation Theory, Convex Optimization, Approximate Methods for Very Large Datasets, Analysis & Design (Synthesis) of Telecom Modules

Academic & Research Experience