SCS Emigration Course
School of Computer Science
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The SCS Emigration Seminars are a series of lectures and discussion sessions that focus on "grooming" you so you'll be ready to conquer the real world when you finish your Ph.D. Unlike the Immigration course, which is held during the first three weeks of the school year, the Emigration course is spread over the entire academic year. While the topics of interest are chosen with the more senior students in mind, students in the entire School of Computer Science are encouraged and welcome to attend.

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Roy Levin

Distinguished Engineer and Director
Microsoft Research Silicon Valley

Monday, 28 April 2008
12:00 (Noon) Newell-Simon Hall 1305
Victuals provided.

I graduated from CMU three decades ago, and this is the talk I wish I'd heard before I went job-hunting. Well, not exactly the talk – after all, the world and the CS job market have changed quite a lot since then. But as a graduating Ph.D., I didn't understand the differences between academia and corporate research labs very well, and neither did most of my departmental colleagues. I'm sure things are better today, but Ph.D. graduates could still be better prepared. In this informal talk, I'll discuss what corporate computing research labs tend to look for when they interview and how a candidate can make the most of the process.I'll also have some suggestions for graduate students earlier in their careers to help them get ready for the eventual job hunt.


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