EMC2 Workshop on Hardware and Software Verification

Please join us in celebrating and honoring our colleague, teacher, advisor and friend...

EDMUND(E) M.(M) CLARKE (C), Jr.(2)

on the occasion of his 60th birthday. A one-day workshop will provide focus on his career-long fascination with and multiple contributions to model checking and automatic verification of computer hardware and software. Even his initials, (MC), offer embedded evidence of the contributions he has and will continue to make in the field. And EMC2 is an energy/force, manifesting itself in his total dedication to teaching and his commitment to his students, post-docs and visitors. Join in a day of presentations, discussions, and a dinner in honor of EMC2!

The symposium will cover recent research results in both HW and SW formal verification. We are delighted that Professor Bob Constable , who was Ed's Ph.D. advisor, will join us as Keynote Speaker. His talk will examine progress in the area of formal methods to which Ed Clarke has made so many fundamental contributions in model checking, theorem proving and basic theory. All other invited speakers are either Ed’s past students or close collaborators. But uniquely, they are all very distinguished and successful leaders in their field.