Elissa Newman

I am a fourth year Ph.D. student in Software Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. The program is part of the Institute for Software Research, International in the School of Computer Science. My advisor is Bill Scherlis. I work on the FLUID project.


I am interested in the area of Aspect-Oriented Software Development, that includes such notable projects as AspectJ and Hyper/J. My research utilizes semantic code queries to enable the specification of semantic source code views (aka patterns, although not in the Gang-of-Four style).

Future work will include:


Elissa Newman and William L. Scherlis. “Toward Query-based Constraints” (Position Paper) Software engineering Properties for Languages for Aspect Technologies (SPLAT) 2003, at AOSD 2003, March 2003. Also available in .pdf and .ps formats.


Elissa Newman, Aaron Greenhouse, and William L. Scherlis. Annotation-Based Diagrams for Shared-Data
. Presented at Workshop on Concurrency Issues in UML at <<UML 2001>>.

Elissa Newman. Localizing Views for Separation of Concerns (Position Paper). Workshop on Advanced
 Separation of Concerns in Software Engineering at ICSE 2001, 15 May 2001.


Currently, I am working on my thesis proposal and am not taking any classes.


In Spring 2003 I took Jim Herbsleb's Empirical Methods in Software Engineering Research (17-810).


In Spring 2002 I took Mary Shaw and Richard Florida's Software Business Models course (17-910).

In Fall 2001 I took Mary Shaw's What Makes Good Software Engineering Research course (17-939A).

Teaching Assistantships

In Fall 2002, I co-taught Software Engineering for IT  (15-383/11-791) with Eric Nyberg
    Blackboard access for this course is available here.

In Fall 2001, I was a TA for Eric Nyberg's  Software Engineering for IT course (15-383/11-791).


Generally, I will try to be in my office 10 AM - 5 PM Monday through Friday, and elsewhere as noted below (and lunch in the SCS lounge, of course). Making appointments to see me, however, is advisable.

Day of the Week





10 am – 12 pm

Fluid meeting

Wean 5216


2 pm – 3:30 pm


Wean 8220



Wean 8101

Mailing Address:
Elissa Newman
Carnegie Mellon University
Institute for Software Research International
Wean Hall 4604
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15213

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