embus      to board a bus.
togate wearing a toga.
superciliary pertaining to the eyebrow.
deratize v.i. to exterminate rats from (a merchant vessel).
evitable avoidable.
papable suitable to become pope.
abdominous potbellied.
interrex one holding power during an interregnum.
torrefy to expose to fire or great heat; to roast (ores).
tepefy to make luke-warm.
monokini a topless bikini.
inenarrable unable to be narrated.
ampliate enlarged.
resile to spring back.
squush v.t. to squash; v.i. to squish.
grum grim; glum; surly.
glumpy (archaic) [from "glump", a glumpy person]
sthenic sturdy; heavily built.
feck (Scot.) efficacy; quantity; majority.
embacle a build-up of broken ice in a river.
debacle the breaking up of river ice.
opuscule a minor work.
vegetably in the manner of a vegetable.
bloodnoun a bullfrog, esp. /Rana catesbeiana/. Also, |bloody noun|.
pickleworm a moth larva, /Diaphania nitidalis/, which bores into the fruit and stem of cucurbitaceous plants.