Slightly non-standard falafel

I don't have the foresight to prepare garbanzo dust for when I'm going to want the falafel, so I usually use commercial falafel mix. All of the ones I've tried taste a little boring, so here's a kludge:

falafel mix
baba ghanouj (also commercial, for me -- I don't know what I would do with an eggplant's worth.)
minced onion
Chop the onion -- precisely one onion. To the falafel mix, add baba ghanouj for about one third of the specified water. Then add some three quarters of the water, as needed, and onion to taste or to the verge of incoherence. Prepare and serve as usual (except try some chopped green olives and tomato too).

If you don't eat much fat, you can dry-fry the falafel in a non-stick pan. Try modifying the tahini sauce, too.

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19 Jan 2002