Top Twelve Reasons Why Sex Is Like Taking A Qual Task

27-Nov-90 14:59    Ken.Lang@B.GP.CS.CMU.EDU     Sex, Qual Tasks

There's a lot to read about it, but somehow you never seem to have read the stuff that would've actually helped you in any way.
Afterwards, all you want to do is roll over and go to sleep.
Sometimes, you may think you did all right, but find out later you failed.
There's nothing worse than being interrupted in the middle of it.
If you're not careful, a month later you'll get a letter from the Doctors telling you that you'll need remedial treatments for the next four months.
Your first time, you approach it with great excitement and anxiety,but it turns out it doesn't last nearly as long as you thought it would.
Other times, it lasts far longer than you ever imagined it could.
It can keep you up all night long, but the next day you wonder if it was really worth it.
For years afterwards, you feel like Roger Schank was watching you the whole time you were doing it.
While doing it, you reach a level of concentration that you will not reach doing anything else in your life.
Some people just get it over with as soon as possible, no matter how sloppy, others take the time to make their output into a work of art.
and the number one reason:
After you're through, you feel sure you're screwed.

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19 Jan 2002