H. sapiens sapiens has been characterized as "the animal that [does X]" for all values of X within a good rhetorical leap of the plausible. Language, I claim, is the most interesting one.
When you have five minutes to kill, do you ever browse through the dictionary? Okay, maybe not, but it's a cut or two above cereal boxes, while not so engrossing (and with no chapters to finish) as to distract me from whatever I should be doing in five minutes.

By the time you start wishing that you'd read the thing systematically to avoid repetition, you've seen rather many words. I've collected some of the interesting ones (and some from other sources) to make a Book of Words. I hope that it (not suffering from the dictionary problem) is more fun to read than the raw dictionary.

There is some poetry here.
I don't know that I actually expect people to find these of use. But I write occasional nanoreviews, usually when I realize that I'm beginning to forget what the book was about.
Along with their other content, the NYTimes makes their crossword puzzles available on the Web, though they started charging 2/97. They're in some weird format, to be read by a specialized program. The program's authors are really quite good about Unix support, with versions for Linux, Solaris, Irix, and H-PUX... but no Ultrix. So here's a perl5 script that generates PostScript from the puzzle files. Actually, it spews the clues as text, because I never finished the PS column-layout code.

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22 Apr 2004