My thesis work was in the area of languages for music and audio programming. Existing high-level music languages (Music-N family, Nyquist, Supercollider) are restrictive; a new algorithm generally can't be written natively, but only as a "unit generator", a black box whose internals are written in a low-level language such as C. I am aiming to do away with unit generators.

I see a common weakness in these HLLs: their type system. So I propose temporal type constructors. These are a way of building data types with time structure, and also a way of taking them apart to manipulate.

Read the dissertation: abstract, ten-page summary, or the whole thing.

See the slides and demos I used at the defense (Powerpoint format).

Download the software it describes, Chronic. Research-grade software: rough edges, bugs probably, minimal support. You will need O'Caml to compile it.

See also my other papers.

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21 Sep 2004