Eli Brandt (2000), "Temporal type constructors for computer music programming", Proc. ICMC '00.

Get a copy of the paper.

Read my clarifications in response to common questions.
         What if you want to change things in real time?
         Can't you do all this in [C++ templates, Haskell, Csound]?

Get a copy of the software.
This isn't useful for much except giving you a look at the actual code for the FOF example (in drive-fof4.ml). Research-grade software: rough edges, bugs probably, minimal support. You will need O'Caml to run it.

If you don't want to run it, you might just want to see the part that's FOF in Acute/O'Caml.

Some sound examples generated by the FOF example:
         crude three-formant "ah".
         "ah-ee" sweep.
         "ah-ee" sweep with gratuitous octaviation.

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         My other papers.
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21 Sep 2004