Edith Law


I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Machine Learning Department at CMU and a Microsoft Graduate Research Fellow.  My advisors are Tom Mitchell and Luis von Ahn.  I am interested in research that will further our understanding about how to build effective hybrid human and machine computation systems, both in terms of the design of novel user interfaces and AI/machine learning algorithms.  Here is my curriculum vitae.

I was selected to be one of the Harvard CRCS postdoctoral fellow, starting in September 2012. CRCS stands for Center for Research on Computation and Society, which comprises of faculty from Harvard's Computer Science Department and is affiliated with the Beckman Center for Internet and Society. The fellowship allows me to pursue independent research and collaborate extensively with faculty at Harvard and beyond. My research will continue to focus on hybrid human and machine computation systems, with a special emphasis on citizen science.


My CHI 2012 paper received a best paper honorable mention.

Human Computation (HCOMP) Workshops, which I co-organized for the past four years, has graduated! We received approval to create an international AAAI Human Computation Conference in 2013!

Check out my book and tutorial on human computation.  Here are some classes (that I know of!) that are using the book as course material: INFO/CS 4302 Web Information Science (Cornell, iSchool), CS 196 Economics and Computation (Harvard, SEAS), CS 442 Social Computing and Collective Intelligence (Rutgers, CS), CS395T Crowdsourcing: Theory, Methods and Applications (UT Austin, CS), 90-921/10-831 Harnessing the Wisdom of Crowds: Special Topics in Machine Learning and Policy (Carnegie Mellon University).


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