Evandro Gouvêa
Speech Scientist, Consultant

I am a speech scientist with large experience on speech recognition. I have been a key collaborator in various aspects of the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Sphinx project, having been a designer/developer of Sphinx-2, Sphinx-3, Sphinx-4, and SphinxTrain, available as open source. I am always looking for new challenges.

My areas of interest are voice search, robust speech recognition, lexical modeling, multilingual systems, systems with limited resources. My resumé has the details about my professional and academic experience. The Publications page has my list of publications with copies of the papers. I also have professional profiles on View Evandro Gouvea's profile
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I am a speech technologies consultant and an affiliate member of the Machine Learning for Signal Processing Group (MLSP) of Carnegie Mellon's Language Technologies Institute, currently based in Heidelberg, Germany. Before, I worked at the European Media Lab in Germany. Before that, I was working on voice search at Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL), in the Boston area. Previous to MERL, I was a research staff member at CMU. While at Carnegie Mellon, I was affiliated with the Robust Speech Group as well as the project LISTEN. I was also one of the key developers who created the speech recognition system at Vocollect, Pittsburgh, USA.

I have been involved in the open source CMU Sphinx project since 2001.


Email: evandro dot gouvea at alumni dot cmu dot edu