Week 3 #1 Using Contours to Detect and Localize Junctions in Natural Images
M. Maire, P. Arbelaez, C. Fowlkes, and J. Malik. CVPR 2008

Learning to Detect Natural Image Boundaries Using Local Brightness, Color, and Texture Cues
D. Martin, C. Fowlkes, and J. Malik. PAMI May 2004.

Probability of Boundary Code
Week 4 #2 TextonBoost: Joint Appearance, Shape and Context Modeling for Multi-Class Object Recognition and Segmentation.
J. Shotton, J. Winn, C. Rother, A. Criminisi. In Proc. ECCV 2006.

(optional) Journal version of TextonBoost

TextonBoost Code

Semantic Texton Forests for Image Categorization and Segmentation.
J. Shotton, M. Johnson, R. Cipolla. In Proc. IEEE CVPR 2008.
Week 5 #3 A Discriminatively Trained, Multiscale, Deformable Part Model
P. Felzenszwalb, D. McAllester, D. Ramanan, In Proc. IEEE CVPR 2008.

Week 6 #4 Object Recognition by Scene Alignment
B. C. Russell, A. Torralba, C. Liu, R. Fergus, W. T. Freeman In NIPS, 2007.

code for gist descriptor

SIFT flow: dense correspondence across different scenes
C. Liu, J. Yuen, A. Torralba, J. Sivic, and W. T. Freeman. ECCV, 2008.
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Week 7 #5 Contextual priming for object detection
A. Torralba. IJCV, Vol. 53(2), 169-191, 2003.

Object detection and localization using local and global features
K. Murphy, A. Torralba, D. Eaton, W. T. Freeman. Sicily workshop on object recognition, 2005.
(see also The context challenge)
Week 7 #6 Objects in Context
Andrew Rabinovich, Andrea Vedaldi, Carolina Galleguillos, Eric Wiewiora and Serge Belongie. ICCV 2007.

Context Based Object Categorization: A Critical Survey
Carolina Galleguillos and Serge Belongie
Technical Report UCSD CS2008-0928, 2008.
Week 8 #7 Learning a Classification Model for Segmentation.
Xiaofeng Ren and Jitendra Malik. in ICCV 2003.

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Image Segmentation by Data-Driven Markov Chain Monte Carlo.
Z. Tu and S. C. Zhu, PAMI, vol.24, no.5, pp. 657-673, May, 2002.

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#8 A Simple High Performance Approach to Semantic Segmentation
Gabriela Csurka, Florent Perronnin. In BMVC 2008.
Week 9 #9 Depth estimation from image structure
A. Torralba, A. Oliva. PAMI Vol. 24(9): 1226-1238. 2003.

Depth Information by Stage Classification.
Vladimir Nedovic, Arnold W.M. Smeulders, Andre Redert and Jan-Mark Geusebroek. ICCV 2007.

Learning Depth from Single Monocular Images
Ashutosh Saxena, Sung H. Chung, Andrew Y. Ng. In NIPS 2005.
Week 10 #10 Total Recall: Automatic Query Expansion with a Generative Feature Model for Object Retrieval
Chum, O. , Philbin, J. , Sivic, J. , Isard, M. and Zisserman, A. In ICCV 2007.
Week 11 #11 Sharing visual features for multiclass and multiview object detection
A. Torralba, K. P. Murphy and W. T. Freeman PAMI. vol. 29, no. 5, pp. 854-869, May, 2007.

Sharing Features Code
Week 11 #12 Learning compositional models for object categories from small sample sets
J. Porway, B. Yao, and S.C. Zhu Book Chapter in Sven Dickinson et al (eds.)
Object Categorization: Computer and Human Vision Perspectives, Cambridge University Press. 2009

A Stochastic Grammar of Images
Song-Chun Zhu and David Mumford
Foundations and Trends in Computer Graphics and Vision Vol. 2, No 4. 2007.
Week 12 #13 Learning Realistic Human Actions from Movies.
Ivan Laptev, Marcin Marszalek, Cordelia Schmid and Benjamin Rozenfeld. in Proc. CVPR'08

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#14 Learning the discriminative power-invariance trade-off.
M. Varma and D. Ray. In ICCV 2007.

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