Software That I've Written Or Packaged

The following is written in, or related to, Objective Caml (OCaml).

approx: a proxy server for Debian archive files

Approx is a simple alternative to apt-proxy (for which it is a drop-in replacement) or apt-cacher.

syslog-ocaml: a syslog client library

I packaged the upstream version of this code for Debian.

ocaml-sha: SHA cryptographic hash function library

I packaged the upstream version of this code for Debian.

Building an OCaml cross-compiler

I patched the OCaml 3.12 source tree to generate an OCaml cross-compiler for an ARM target. Another approach is described here.

Gyroscope hack for ThinkPads

A toy program for recent ThinkPads with motion sensors. It grabs the screen image and transforms it to compensate for movement of the laptop. (Please let me know if you get it to work on any other laptop model.)

Morse code trainer

A program that plays Morse code using the audio device.

Java parser and pretty-printer

An ocamllex lexer, ocamlyacc parser, and pretty-printer for the Java programming language.

WAV file viewer

A GTK-based viewer for WAV audio files.

OCaml language definition for GtkSourceView

The GtkSourceView widget is used by Gnome applications like gedit to highlight source code.

I used to use the MOC (music on console) audio player, a refreshing change from bloated GUI players. Here are a couple of little applets that monitor and control the player, so you don't need to have a terminal window dedicated to it.

Gnome panel applet for MOC

Control MOC from the Gnome panel.

GKrellM plugin for MOC

Monitor MOC as part of GKrellM.

(I now use the Music Player Daemon with the Sonata front end.)