e cavallo

i am a third-year phd student at carnegie mellon university, part of the principles of programming group. i am advised by robert harper and currently work on higher type theory and the like. i previously completed an undergraduate and honors master's degree in mathematics, also at carnegie mellon.

15.12 synthetic cohomology in homotopy type theory - master's thesis, code [then | now]
14.09 oxford hott workshop talk on mayer-vietoris and cubes - slides, note, video
16.F - TA for 15-317 Constructive Logic
15.F - TA for 15-814 Types and Programming Languages
15.S - TA for 15-312 Foundations of Programming Languages
14.F - TA for 15-317 Constructive Logic

address mail to ecavallo, zip code cs.cmu.edu;
alternatively, ghc9223
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