Internet Topology & Measurement


This page provides links to many resources that I have found while exploring the topic of Internet topology. I have a great interest in learning more about what the Internet architecture is defined by economic relationships among service providers and how information traverses this web of fiber.


Internet Mapping Efforts


Numerous efforts have attempted to map the Internet, mostly by using traceroutes from a limited number of public traceroute servers.


Traceroutes & Looking-Glass Servers


When exploring Internet topology or routing behavior geographically disperse vantage points are critical. Traceroute and looking-glass servers are located around the world and allow themselves to be publicly queried to provide these different views of the Internet


Economics of Internet Architectures


The Internet architecture mirrors the economic relations among the backbone and edge providers that comprise the network. Being familiar with these relationships is critical to understanding where traffic flows on the Internet and why.


Backbones Maps


Most backbone providers and research networks provide maps of their networks, which can be informative to look at.

  • CyberGeography : Older but interesting site with many backbone maps
  • MapNet : CAIDA effort to create a Java applet displaying many IP networks
  • ISP Planet Backbone Directory : Little articles on major American backbone providers
  • Almost all backbone providers have maps of their backbones, just google them!


Research Papers and Technical Reports



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