Directions to Doherty Hall 4301G

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Due to CMU's particular architectural "style" (for lack of a better word) of connecting old and new buildings together in an incomprehensible mess, my office is nearly impossible to find. I describe two options below.

Directions from Newell-Simon or Wean Hall

From this direction, get to the 8th floor of Wean and walk down to the end of Wean near Doherty Hall (i.e., when exiting the elevator, take a left). Walk through the large fire-doors and up the half-flight of stairs in front of you. Then go through a set of maroon doors, and suddenly the walls are white (you are now in Doherty Hall). Keep walking straight (ignore the maroon doors to your left!) and head through the maroon door at the far end of the hall, go up the flight of stairs, through the door, and you will see another a door to enter the 4300 cluster. You will walk past an old printer, take a left and I am the first office on the right.

Directions from Doherty Hall

Enter Doherty Hall from the front entrance (near the fence and the outdoor clock). Walk down the hall, you will have to jog left and head up the stairs to the second floor. At the top of the stairs, jog to the right just a bit, then continue walking across the second floor bridge to the other half of Doherty (the two halves aren't connected on the first floor). Keep walking until you come to a large stairway on your left, head up these stairs, and take an immeadiate left through the door there. You will then head left down this hall to the door right in front of you, go up this flight of stairs. Once you exit the stair well, head through the door into the 4300 area, walk past the printer, take a left and my office will be on your right.

See, now wasn't that easy?

If you got lost despite (or because of) these directions, please let me know how I can improve them.