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Duane's Comments on Movies at
Squirrel Hill Area Cinemas

This page contains Newton versions of the movie listings from the "This Week at Pittsburgh Cinemas" web page. They are freely available for everyone to use. If you are regularly downloading these packages, please send me email and let me know.

This week's packages (not available)

(Files have MIME Type application/x-newton-compatible-pkg.)

How is the data processed?

The web pages are saved to a Macintosh hard disk as text, thereby removing the HTML code, and then edited in BBEdit. I remove extraneous data that would not be useful on a Newton MessagePad not connected to the web and slightly reformat the header. I do not touch the movie data. The text files are processed by the Paperback application on the Mac to produce Newton package files. I do not include a Paperback Reader in the movie packages to avoid storing duplicate copies of the reader on the MessagePad. The packages are then uploaded to this web site.

When is this page updated?

This page cannot be updated until the "This Week at Pittsburgh Cinemas" web page from which it is derived is updated, which usually happens sometime on Friday. If the "Cinemas" site is not updated by 10 a.m. on Friday, then this page will not be updated until late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

Paperback Reader

The Newton .pkg files contain Paperback books and you will need a Paperback Reader to read them. Here is a small Paperback Reader that you can leave installed on your Newton MessagePad.


Remove last week's movie listings from your MessagePad before installing the new ones. Download the packages of your choice to your MessagePad using a utility such as the Newton Package Installer. The new files will be in the Unfiled Icons drawer.

The Paperback Reader only needs to be installed once. You may wish to move it to some out of the way place, since it will only be used indirectly when you tap on one of the movie files.


I am not responsible for the accuracy of the information in these movie listings. Users of these listings are encouraged to call the theaters to get accurate show times.

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