Title: Spreading Lies The Scientology Way
kngpeter@aol.com (Kng Peter)
Date: 20 Feb 2000 01:37:16 GMT

As some of you may know, I am a former public, OT7 Scientologist who is now a
member of the board of the Lisa McPherson Trust, a group dedicated to reforming

In the last couple of days, several of my former Totally Fun Company employees
have called me, and told me that Eugene Ingram, a Church of Scientology PI from
L.A., has contacted them trying to dig up dirt on Patricia Greenway and myself.
Since Ingram really can't find anything bad about either of us, he's been
taking information from my supposedly confidential P.C. folder, and twisting it
into salacious lies in his own perverse way as a way to smear me.  

I now see how the Church respects "confidentiality:" they do it by taking
things that you might have thought about in your "confidential" session, but
not actually done, and twisting these thoughts into actions that never really

For all of you current Scientologists who read A.R.S., be aware that there is
no level of slime to which these scumbags will not stoop.  But on the other
hand, don't be afraid of their lies.They think, foolishly, that they can
blackmail a person into silence with this slimy, lying behavior.  Little do
they know that by spreading lies they do not create silence, but they do create
implacable foes, and--perhaps--lucrative lawsuits.

So far, several of my ex-employees have politely told Ingram to go to Hell.  

However,  a small group Totally Fun Company employees hired by my former wife
and current Scientologist, Jolie Kanat, have been more than happy to cooperate.
These people were bleeding the company dry when Patricia Greenway came to
work for me.  Patricia uncovered so much graft and corruption on their parts
that I was forced to let them go.  Now, these same lowlife scumbuckets are
busily helping the Church of Scumology create falsehoods in a vain attempt to
blacken Patricia and my name.

This process of "Black P.R," while credited to L. Ron Hubbard, was actually an
invention of Nazi Propaganda Minister Dr. Goebbels.  Goebbels believed that you
could create any kind of lie, and if you spread it amongst enough people, it
would become the truth.  While Goebbels may have have invented this process, L.
Ron Hubbard and his scumbags have brought it to a new low.  

Ingram says he's mostly after Patricia, because she's the one who got me out of
Scientology.  She did this by showing me the truth about the "Church" of
Scumology, and about L. Ron Hubbard's criminal, con-man life history, much of
which we discovered by reading A.R.S.  That was Patricia's crime: she found the
truth, and showed it to me.  

I'd like to thank Patricia Greenway and A.R.S. for helping me see the light. 
But however much another person may help you, the important decisions in life
are yours, and yours alone to make.  Since Ingram's current 'spin' is that my
leaving Scientology was Patricia's fault, let me correct that impression: 
getting out of Scientology and becoming active on the Board of the Lisa
McPherson Trust was my decision, and mine alone. Further, since the Cult reads
A.R.S. let me take this opportunity to say this: now that I am no longer
brainwashed, I am going to pursue the Cult of Scumology until it is completely
reformed, until creeps like this Ingram (who I understand was kicked off the
LAPD for disreputable activities) are behind bars, along with all the other
criminals who currently run this Cult. That's right: you're all going to jail. 

It's an interesting thing how these Cult idiots shoot themselves in the foot
over and over again.  I was just about to settle my divorce oriented lawsuit
against Jolie Kanat, but now that this Ingram business has happened, I think
I'm just going to stick it right up the Scientologist's ass in a very highly
publicized lawsuit that will reveal both the fraud of WISE, and their
connection (in violation of the IRS agreement) with the Church of Scientology. 
And who knows, maybe it's time to nail Ingram and the Church with a big, fat
libel suit.  

Cult Members beware: the more dirt you dish, the harder I'm going to nail you
to the wall.   I gave you worthless bastards a million dollars during my twenty
years in the Cult, now I'm just going to have to take it out of your hides.


Peter N. Alexander    


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