Narconon Stone Hawk Now "A Forever Recovery"

Per Wickstrom still scamming drug addicts and their families, only now under the name "A Forever Recovery".

Hot News! A Forever Recovery's Director of Nursing, Theresa Ann Taylor, has had her nursing license suspended twice for drug abuse. Documents here.

Kate Wickstrom Suing Narconon International! Click link for text of lawsuit.

More Stonehawk lawsuits reported here.

Vince Daniels Radio Shows

The Many Moods of Vince Daniels is a radio show on KCAA in Riverside, California. Vince takes on Narconon and Per Wickstrom:

See the video of the Vince Daniels radio show (September 16, 2006) where Greg Beha appeared as a guest and spoke about his son's horrifying experience at Narconon Stone Hawk. Here is the transcript of the radio show.

Another Vince Daniels show (January 6, 2007) where Vince recounts Greg Beha's story. The guest in this segment is Denise Crosby, a mom who is trying to get her money back from Narconon Newport Beach. (Info on the Newport Beach facility here.)

An amazing Vince Daniels Show (February 17, 2007) featuring several guests with Narconon horror stories. Some are parents of Narconon clients, others are clients who just recently got out. Plus appearances by Kate and Per Wickstrom. Transcripts: segments 1, 2, 3, 4.

An even more amazing Vince Daniels show (February 24, 2007), with stories from Narconon survivors and allegations about drug and alcohol use at Stone Hawk. Transcripts: segments 1, 2, 3, 4.

Yet another Vince Daniels show (March 3, 2007) with more details from recent Narconon victim Melissa Kasey, shocking revelations from a Narconon employee, Narconon's purchasing air time on the station, and listener email.

Vince Daniels debates Clark Carr and Per Wickstrom (March 17, 2007), except they refused to show up, so he uses clips from their infomercial instead. Also here Sue Wilkins tell the story of arriving at Stone Hawk with a sheriff's deputy to extract her son Jason. Kimberly Darr is soliciting input from other Stone Hawk victims. And Chris White tells about his unpleasant Stone Hawk experience. Transcript

Vince Daniels asks: Is it dangerous to take on Scientology? (March 31, 2007). Vince and co-hosts Colonel Ray Coughenour and Kim Johnson debate the merits of continuing to expose the goings on at Stone Hawk. Special guest Dave Touretzky. Transcript
Narconon's Per Wickstrom Libels Vince Daniels

In retaliation for Vince Daniels' efforts to expose the goings-on at Narconon Stone Hawk, the owner, Per Wickstrom, registered a domain using Vince Daniels' name, at which he outright libels Vince Daniels. We won't dignify Per Wickstrom's filth with a link. His reckless and malicious actions leave him open to a possible defamation lawsuit by Daniels, and warn his potential customers what Narconon Stone Hawk is really like: a Scientology franchise run by a desperate lunatic.

Narconon Stone Hawk's Curious Finances

Kate Wickstrom Sues Per Wickstrom and Narconon International

On July 1, 2008, former Narconon Stone hawk co-owner Kate Wickstrom filed suit against her ex-husband and former business partner Per Wickstrom and Narconon International, alleging breach of contract, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and conspiracy.

Luthy Family Lawsuit Against Stone Hawk for Fraud and Deceptive Trade Practices

In January 2007, the Luthy family of Albuquerque, New Mexico filed a suit against Narconon Stone Hawk for fraud, unfair or deceptive trade practices, and unjust enrichment.

The Stone Hawk Files

Documents supplied by a Stone Hawk insider.

Narconon Stone Hawk Victims List

Narconon Stone Hawk: In Their Own Words

Narconon Stone Hawk Expanding in Michigan

Manistee is a town near Battle Creek, Michigan, where Narconon Stone Hawk has opened a satellite facility. In order to get permission for this facility, Narconon filed several revealing documents with the City of Manistee Planning Commission.

Scientologists Per and Kate Wickstrom Owned Narconon Stone Hawk

  • Kate Wickstrom lies about the Scientology connection

  • Per Wickstrom runs Stone Hawk and funds the Scientology cult


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