Sample Letter for Parents to Send

Dear [title] [last name]:

I am a parent concerned about the Narconon Drug Education Program sending its staff into my child's classroom. I have grave reservations about Narconon, especially since it is an IRS-listed front group for the Church of Scientology. I was not informed of this affiliation, or even told that Narconon would be lecturing to my child. Had I known about this, I would have exercised my parental right to keep my child out of such a lecture. I do not have confidence in the Church of Scientology nor in the Narconon Drug Education program to present accurate information or deal truthfully with the education community. I am hereby notifying you and the San Francisco Unified School Board that my child will no longer be available for any such lectures in the future.

The residential drug rehabilitation program operated by Narconon is also related to the Church of Scientology, as detailed at My understanding is that students in SFUSD are being told by Narconon Drug Education speakers that they can access the Narconon drug rehabilitation program on the web, anytime they want to talk to someone about drugs. This is also unacceptable to me. Neither the teacher nor the speaker from Narconon Drug Education should be advising children to contact this group directly.

Although I have had good experience with my child's teachers up to now, the fact that they allowed this lecture to occur is causing me to question their ability to make well-reasoned decisions about persons they bring into their classrooms without parents' knowledge. In the future, I request that I be informed about every guest speaker who will be appearing in my child's classroom, with their full list affiliations, a week before the planned lecture, so that I can research them myself before consenting to my child attending such an event.

Sincerely, [Signature]

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