Narconon/Scientology Invades Leona Valley

Hearing postponed: the next scheduled Hearing for the Leona Valley Narconon application with the LA County Regional Planning Commission has been postponed indefinitely. Hearings are held on the ground floor of the 13 story County Administration building (facing Temple street, just east of Hill Street) in Los Angeles.


Press Coverage

Scientology Creep Show

On July 10, 2006, Residents of Leona Valley were treated to an appearance by Bob Adams, former VP of ABLE International (Narconon's parent organization) and current public relations spokesdroid for the Church of Scientology International. Bob ranted and raved about how evil the Narconon critics were, especially yours truly. Reports indicate the locals thought he might be mentally disturbed. But Bob can't be crazy: he's an Operating Thetan Level VIII!

Here's Narconon's Clark Carr with an E-meter, a Scientology "spiritual counseling device" sometimes used at Narconon.

Flyers Sent to Leona Valley Residents:

These flyers were created by a local group, Leona Valley Residents and Businesses for Safe and Peaceful Communities, and distributed to residents as advertisements in local papers, or as advertising inserts.

Narconon director quits. Warns our community!
Investigation reveals state laws violated.

(2 page PDF file)
Narconon threatens and intimidates opposition.
How Bowden, Georgia kicked Narconon out.

(2 page PDF file)

Complaint filed against Narconon of Southern California in 2002 alleging numerous violations. The "Cat Savage" mentioned here is slated to run the new Narconon in Leona Valley.
(4 page PDF file)

Just Say No to Narconon (click for PDF version)
Don't Let Narconon Treat You Like the Dope (click for PDF version)
Newport Beach Stands Up for Leona Valley (click for PDF version)
Take This Bus and Tell Narconon To Take a Hike (click for PDF version)
Yes I'm Going to Stop the Narconon Threat (click for PDF version)


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