W. Kent (Mac) McGregor's Illustrious Career

  • Kent McGregor was found to have "willfully, maliciously and intentionally sexually assaulted" a patient on July 16, 1987, for which he was found liable in the amount of one million dollars. McGregor's employer, Charter Counseling Center, was found negligent for having hired McGregor and failing to supervise him. The court noted that "Plaintiff presented evidence that members of Charter's staff ... knew of McGregor's past substance abuse problem and his lack of recent clinical experience following his treatment for substance abuse."

  • After leaving Charter, McGregor worked for CARF, the Committee on Accreditation of Rehab Facilities, and in 1992 was involved in the initial accreditation of Narconon Chilocco in Oklahoma, which later became Narconon Arrowhead.

  • McGregor later married a Narconon employee, and Kent and Jette McGregor moved to Europe for a while. More on this time period can be found in these Usenet postings by Chris Owen and Diane Richardson.

  • When Kent McGregor filed for bankruptcy in 2002 he concealed from the court his outstanding debt to the victim of his 1987 sexual assault. After the victim opposed his bankruptcy filing, McGregor was forced to admit his fraud upon the court and finally settle with his victim.

  • Kent McGregor served on the Advisory Board of Narconon International. Although he was later erased from their web site and photoshopped out of the advisory board group photo, he claims to still work for them as an FSM (see below).

  • Kent and Jette McGregor returned to Narconon Arrowhead as employees around 2002.

  • According to his LinkedIn profile (archived full version as of February 2013 here), McGregor presently runs a drug counseling consulting service called PITA Group, Inc. in McAlester, Oklahoma under the name "Mac McGregor". He is also using that name on his ZoomInfo profile, where he claims to be a "diplomate" of the Board of Addiction Examiners of the NAFC (National Association of Forensic Counselors). NAFC reportedly denies this.

  • McGregor is also the proprietor of texas-drug-rehabs.org.

  • McGregor's LinkedIn profile says he is an "FSM" at Narconon Arrowhead and PUR Detox. FSM (Field Staff Member) is a Church of Scientology term for a salesman who earns commissions.

  • In 2013 McGregor was accused of having helped Narconon employees cheat on written exams in 2002-2004 to become certified chemical dependency counselors. Details appear on page 105 of Lucas Catton's book Have You Told All? Inside My Time With Narconon and Scientology.

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