Patricia Pieniadz Blasts Narconon

The letter below was sent by Patricia Pieniadz to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on July 23, 2006, in connection with an upcoming hearing on a permit applicatoin for a Narconon facility in Leona Valley, CA.

I am writing because I am quite concerned with the proposed establishment of Narconon in Leona Valley.

I am the former Executive Director of Narconon Connecticut and I am also the former Director of Rehabilitation for the Church of Scientology. My responsibilities as Director of Rehabilitation for the Church was to manage and control the Narconon's in the New England area for the Church and to ensure the Narconon's paid a 10 % "consultancy fee" to the Church. I spent over 27 years in the Church and for many of those years I worked for Scientology's intelligence branch so I am quite familiar with much of their internal workings, including their methods of deception and cover up.

Due the fact the Church of Scientology's reputation is so horrible and due to the fact that many funding and government sources do not want to work with this "religious" cult, the Church eventually established a separately incorporated group called ABLE (Association for Better Living and Education)

ABLE has always been a front group for the Church of Scientology and was created in a sly but legal way to funnel government and private funding into the coffers of the Church of Scientology.

The corporate maze set up by Scientology is both confusing and overwhelming to someone not trained in their legal shell games.

All of the Scientology front groups are separately incorporated so that when an official such as Bob Adams testifies before you that there is no "connection", he is not telling you "all" of the truth. Bob Adams, Clark Carr and other Narconon officials will tell you that Narconon and the Church of Scientology are not connected "corporately" but all of the Narconon's are in fact controlled by the Church of Scientology on a daily basis.

In fact the members of the Board of Directors of Narconon all have to sign undated letters of resignation. These undated letters of resignation are then held by the Church of Scientology and if the local Narconon does not comply with their demands, the letters will be dated and the members of the board of Directors of Narconon will be replaced with other Scientologists that will follow orders.

The Narconon Success Rate.

A more scholarly report on the lack of success in the Narconon program can be found here:

As a former Executive Director of Narconon I can attest to the complete lack of success of Narconon program and in fact, the only people the do succeed from the Narconon are those that become Scientologists. The full account of this can be found here.

I write to you not because I oppose treatment for those addicted to drugs, but because I am opposed to this unsuccessful front group of the Church of Scientology setting up shop and luring the unsuspecting into their cult.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Patricia Pieniadz
New London, CT.

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