Narconon Is "The Bridge to The Bridge"

In the early days of Narconon, before Scientology became more careful about masking its recruitment efforts, church members were told that Narconon was "the bridge to The Bridge", the latter being Scientology's intensely marketed and very expensive "Bridge to Total Freedom". The flyer below, dating from circa 1974, makes this explicit.

In recent times members are still being told that Narconon is the bridge to The Bridge, but now the Church of Scientology is careful not to put this in writing. There's no telling where such an admission might end up -- someone might put it on the Internet.

The following document from 1984 shows how Narconon processing prepares people to enter Scientology. The topmost step of the flowchart says "route to nearest org [Scientology church] for further services if individual so desires".

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Dave Touretzky
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