Narconon's Clark Carr and the E-Meter

The photos below come from the Scientology magazine Impact, volume 10, published in 1987.

The blue device in the photo at right is an E-meter, formally known as a Hubbard Electropsychometer, a kind of crude lie detector. The metallic cylinder visible at the left edge of the photo is one of two electrodes, or "cans", meant to be held in the hands of the person being examiend.

The E-meter is a supposed to be a "spiritual counseling device" to be used only by trained Scientology ministers delivering Scientology religious counseling. Read more about that at the Secrets of the E-Meter page.

So what is Clark Carr, now the president of Narconon International, doing using an E-meter on a Narconon client? This is further evidence that Narconon's claims to be non-religious and entirely separate from Scientology are lies.

Here's a shot of Clark 19 years later: still a cult stooge. He was speaking before the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on July 25, 2006, at an appeal hearing concerning Narconon's application to open an unwanted treatment facility in Leona Valley.

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