Kirstie Alley: Keeping Scientology Working

Proving that she's no slouch in the "Keeping Scientology Working" department, and not one to play second fiddle to Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley demonstrates her love for self-deception in this interview published in Source, the official magazine of the FLAG Land Base. She uses so much cult jargon that a glossary is necessary just to read the article. We have supplied one below

From Scientology's Source Magazine, issue 193, Pages 36-37, September 2007:

FLAG Experience

"I want everybody in the universe to experience this." Ms. Kirstie Alley, Solo NOTs auditor, Diamond Meritorious of the IAS and Founding Member of the Super Power Expansion Project, was here at Flag for the OT Summit and wanted to share her Flag experience with the readers of Source magazine.

Spending the last few weeks here at Flag has been a completely life -changing experience to say the least! I came here to do my six- month Refresher on Solo NOTs, and I stayed for the OT Summit.

"I've had some amazing auditing while I've been here. "Add to that being here for the OT Summit-that changed me as a being, 180 degrees. When I saw the scope of Flag and what the future of Flag meant and the huge numbers of people who will come through these doors and get their own auditing, or their own training to train others or to audit others, I could see this huge theta machine.

"In what I've done in Scientology so far, I thought I'd already achieved my wildest dreams. Add to that when I saw the OT Summit, this took it up about a billion notches of what my wildest dreams would entail. This opened the floodgates for me of creativity. It opened up the magnitude of dreams and made them real for me.

"So this experience at Flag changed me totally. I can't say enough about it, because I literally walked in the door of Flag four weeks ago as one person, and I'm walking out an entirely different being, and I mean ENTIRELY different.

My viewpoint on the fourth dynamic and mankind and other people changed. You know, I liked animals more than people! OK, I liked certain people, but the idea of  mankind'-it really irritated me!

"But since being here in the AO and receiving some incredible auditing, combined with seeing the OT Summit, I started taking more and more responsibility for mankind. Then I realized why mankind upset me so much -it's because I wasn't taking responsibility!

"Now, I have genuine affinity for mankind and I'm up to taking genuine responsibility for mankind. And when I saw the plans for this Mecca and what it's going to be- it's the true definition of a Mecca. It's going to be something spectacular.

"I've made decisions here, big, crazy, great, brilliant decisions here about the magnitude I'm going to help this group and help this planet, and it's real. And I attribute that to the OT Summit, I attribute it to the auditing I've been doing here at Flag, and it's brilliant. I want everybody in the universe to experience this.

Here's the way I honestly look at it, and I include myself in this: The days of us saying 'They will handle it' are over.  

We ARE they!

"It's Keeping Scientology Working: We are here on the same terms. What does that mean? Do or die. I believe that when people are really dedicated to something, they walk the walk. And it's not good enough any more to decide you can't contribute as much as others; you're doing the best you can... A, you're not doing the best you can, and B, you're not doing the best you can -  and C, you're not doing the best you can!

"We are NOT PTS to the middle class. We are NOT. The most important things in life are not your car or your airplane -- and I think that if you see these OT Summit events and this doesn't prove to you what your responsibility level is, then you're an ostrich and your head is buried in the sand.

"So pop the head out and look around and see what you need to do. Contributions come in many forms. Someone said this to me about five years ago and at the time I thought they were crazy-they said that you should be spending ALL your time helping mankind. Once 1 wasn't PTS to the middle class any more, I realized, 'Wow, that's the game! That really is true.' So I urge everyone to live up to your full potential and really, really, really stretch and help."


SOLO NOTS AUDITOR -- The term NOTs means New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans. SOLO NOTs is an advanced Scientology level also known as OT VII. A Solo NOTs auditor is a high-level Scientologist who spends several hours a day exorcising "body thetans" -- alien spirits who are stuck to his or her body. See: Operating Thetan Level VII [Wikipedia].

DIAMOND MERITORIOUS OF THE IAS -- $5 million donor to the International Association of Scientologists, aka the Scientology War Chest.

FOUNDING MEMBER OF THE SUPER POWER Expansion Project -- This is a $250,000 donor to the Super Power building project in Clearwater. See: Super Power Building [Wikipedia]

FLAG -- This is the name of their operations in Clearwater.  It is their biggest Church. See: Flag Land Base [Wikipedia]

OT SUMMIT -- This is a week long event usually held on the Freewinds/ It is for all the Scn Elite to work together to plan the expansion of Scientology.  It's held each summer.  The 2007 event was held in Clearwater.

SOURCE MAGAZINE. -- Hubbard was known as SOURCE.  Source Magazine is the monthly magazine of Flag Land Base and includes PR articles and lists of people who have completed services at Flag.

SIX MONTH REFRESHER on Solo NOTs --- See solo nots above. All people on this course have to return to Flag every six months and go through a REFRESHER which includes getting Security Checks to ensure they are not going into doubt about Scn activities.

AUDITING Scientology counseling

THETA MACHINE -- in Scientology, theta is everything that is spiritually good. A theta machine would be something that is creating a lot of spiritual goodness.

FOURTH DYNAMIC -- means Mankind. There are eight dynamics in Scientology: (1) self, (2) sex and children, (3) groups, (4) mankind, (5) living things, (6) the physical universe, (7) spirituality, and (8) infinity.

AO -- means Advanced Org; it's where the OT (Operating Thetan) levels are delivered. There are advanced orgs in Los Angeles (AOLA), Clearwater (FLAG), and Saint Hill in the United Kingdom (AOSHUK). The Scientology ship The Freewinds is also an Advanced Org.

MECCA -- In Scientology, the Flag Land Base is referred to as "the Mecca of technical perfection".

Keeping Scientology Working (KSW) -- Keeping Scientology Working is a policy written by Hubbard in 1965 that requires all Scientologists to follow Hubbard's words exactly and without alteration. "... if they're aboard, they're here on the same terms as the rest of us -- win or die in the attempt."

"We are NOT PTS to the middle class." -- PTS means Potential Trouble Source. A PTS is someone who is connected to an SP or Suppressive Person. PTS to the middle class means someone who is suppressed by the demands of the middle class e.g., they feel they must have a nice house, nice car, nice life. In Scientology those things don't matter. What matters is Scientology.

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