Joseph K. Grieboski: Scientology Lobbyist and Tool

Here are some facts about Joseph K. Grieboski, whose one-man lobbying shop provides services for such unsavory groups as the Church of Scientology:

  • Former high-ranking Scientology official Marty Rathbun discusses his cult's payments to Grieboski for lobbying and PR services in this blog post entitled "Corporate Scientology Mercenary".

  • The Village Voice weighs in on Grieboski's truthfulness about "not accepting money from religions" in light of Rathbun's disclosures.

  • The Scientologists held a fundraiser for Grieboski (without identifying him as their paid lobbyist) in 2007, as described here. My own comments on this event are here. Read the full thread at Google groups for more.

  • Joseph Grieboksi cut-and-pasted the Scientology cult's defamatory text about Scientolgy critic Gerry Armstrong into his response to a critical article about his own activities in the Northeast PA Media blog:

  • Grieboski's Institute on Religion and Public Policy (which apparently consists of him, his wife, and a fax machine) includes several Scientology advocates on its board, including infamous Scientology attorney Monique Yingling, and Scientologist businessman Luis Colon of the notorious MGE Group. This information comes from the last page of the organization's 2006 IRS Form 990 filing.

  • Anti-cult activist Rick Ross includes Grieboski in his list of cult apologists.

  • Laughable self-promoting boorishness: Grieboski constantly brags that he was "nominated" for the Nobel Peace Prize. Virtually anyone can be nominated, as detailed here. One recent nominee was Bradley Manning. In Grieboski's case, some obscure official in Burkina Faso submitted a letter for him. One has to wonder how much of that letter Grieboski drafted himself.

Grieboski's web site can be viewed here.

Dave Touretzky
Last modified: Wed Feb 15 16:56:53 EST 2012