OT VIII, Part 1

US District Court, Central District of California
Fishman Case No 91-6426 HLH (Tx)

                Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
                    HCO BULLETIN OF 1 OCTOBER 1969


                          WHY THETANS MOCK-UP

  This question has been the most plaguing one in Dianetics and

  The ONLY way a thetan ever gets in trouble, the ONLY way he can
  get trapped or become part of a cluster is by mocking-up and
  inaking pictures of bad experiences.

  And why record all bad experiences?  This too is not good sense.

  one can explain it by a yearning for eventi by havingness and
  other ways, but these do not factually lead to a total solution.

  The real reason stems from a characteristic of a thetan.  He never
  totally gives up.

  There is, seemingly, a streak of resistance or resentment that
  makes a thetan wish to persist in the same place.  If he cannot,

    he will do so covertly.

    All power comes from the ability to occupy a point.  The base that
    separates two terminals must be firm or there will be no exchange
    of energy.
    The effort to weaken a thetan is to make him relinquish his point
    In space.  covertly or overtly a thetan seeks to assert his
    position in space.

    If he cannot do so overtly he does so covertly.

    When a thetan is moved unwillingly from a point or position, he
    even then refuses to give up that point, but MOCKS IT UP.  He also
    mocks up the events of his departure as a part of the action of
    mocking up the point he is leaving.  This, unwittingly, gives him
    a picture, an engram.

    Now let us see if this theory holds true in practice.

       A.  Just ahead of any engram there must be an effort to
           retain a position and there must be a point or  location
           being mocked up.
           This is true.  You can blow an engram without running  it
           by spotting its first point in space and time.  In a
           secondary, "Where did you first hear of the loss" is a
           vital question.

       B.  In a Contact Assist getting a person to touch again the
           point where he was hurt with what was hurt will blow the
       C.  Getting a person to locate areas (locations) that are not
           safe produces blows of engrams without running them.
       D.  Exact and accurate dating sometimes blows an engram.
           Those times when it does not, it should blow when the
           location is exactly spotted.
      E.  Implants and traps were done mainly to keep thetans out
           of an area.  The thetan, resenting and resisting mocks up
           the place anyway and so implants himself.

  A thetan too easily substitutes a mock-up for a point in the real

  one could also say that a thetan, by mocking up, warns himself
  against certain points in space or areas in the Physical Universe.

  Anxiety is solely not being able to be in certain places and not
  where one is either.

  making people leave is the most unpopular action unless one also
  frees them to be anywhere.

  Transferring people is a degrading thing to do to them.

   Jail denies a thetan all spaces except where he has been placed
   and note that thetans are made very miserable in Jail.  Jailing is
   a sure way to confirm criminals and also to make them crazy as

   Any thetan, stuck in an engram, is asserting the effort to be at
   the point where he was hit at the beginning of that engram.

   An engram therefore is a refusal to leave a place at which force
   was exerted to drive one away.

   Reversely, one can refuse to be held at a place where one does not
   wish to bt, but this is a negation of a place, a not-is of it and
   its time.
   Power of choice over where one is and where one is not is thus a
   key to engrams.

   Finally - a thetan mocks up because he covertly refuses to abandon
   a location under duress and not-ises the place where he does not
   wish to be but must.

   Using these facts one can blow engrams without running them.

   Some sample questions:

       What point (location) is unsafe?

         What location could you have held absolutely?
         Where did you first get an intimation of danger?
         What place would you rather not be in?
         What effort would it take to hold (that) (a) locatation?

    Working with this you will see a door open to a higher level than
    Dianetic R3R.  But realize that it is only for a high level

    This is the road to returned personal power in the Physical

                                      L. RON HUBBARD
    Copyright (c) 1969
    By L. Ron Hubbard