Secrets of Scientology: Travolta and the E-Meter

Week in Review Volume 2, Issue 2
by Rod Keller []
copyright 1997

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> Travolta Meter

The Star tabloid published an article this week on Scientology celebrities
and the e-meter. 

"The oddball apparatus is called an E meter, and Travolta uses it every
day. He and fellow Scientologists Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, and Kirstie
Alley say the lie-detector-like machine measures mental anguish.  The
faithful claim it's so sensitive, it can pick up the pain a human feels
when pricked by a nail. 

"'You hold two metal rods in your hands, and an experienced teacher can
tell from the movements of the needles on the meter where the problem is
in your body and soul,' Travolta told the German magazine STERN.  'I use
it every day, at home or in the celebrity center in Hollywood.  I also
take a machine with me with I'm on location. It's a religious device and I
enjoy it. I'm always totally refreshed by it.'

"Travolta vehemently denies claims that Scientologists have been
brainwashed.  'That is frightful garbage,' he says. 'Do you really believe
that I would stand for something like that? The courses help me solve my
problems. I also attend religious counseling where, with a spiritual
guide, I tackle personal problems.'" 

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