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12-Feb-2004Added links to the FLAG promo piece claiming that Class XII auditors can cure mental illness: page 1, page 2.
15-Jan-2004Added links to the online version of the Razor magazine article, and their online "letters to the editor" for the February 204 issue. (This is a subset of the letters that appeared in the print edition.) Also added a link to the New Yorker article on Scientologists buying up the Dec. 2003/Jan. 2004. issue of Razor.
04-Dec-2003Added Peter Alexander's radio interview on KDGE-FM Dallas, and Sue Mullaney's transcript.
22-Nov-2003Added a comment about the release form containing a section where an adult can sign for a child. Denying a child access to needed psychiatric care would constitute child abuse.
19-Nov-2003Added a link to Lloyd Grove's piece in the NY Daily News about Linda Simmons Hight harassing Razor.
18-Nov-2003Added the promo for the Razor article, "The Curse of Scientology".
27-Oct-2003Added the Harpers Magazine article.
22-Oct-2003Moved the Confidentiality of Files release form to this page, and added a reference to the Wollersheim case, which also involved disclosure of PC folders.
30-Sep-2003Added Bandt and Spitz affidavits.
25-Sep-2003Added Roger Gonnet's French translation of the release form, and his Lisa McPherson memorial page at Le Secticide (in French).
24-Sep-2003Added St. Petersburg Times "Scientology: Hardball" article.
23-Sep-2003Added The Oracle article (University of South Florida).
22-Sep-2003Added Globe Magazine article.

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