Scientologist Responds To NY Post Article On Stars

POSTED: 11:35 a.m. CDT September 11, 2003

The following letter was sent to NBC5.com in response to a report taken from the New York Post, alleging that some movie stars who belong to the Church of Scientology have "signed away basic rights."

Dear NBC5.com:

The recent NY Post article on Scientology misses the point -- perhaps intentionally.

1) These documents did not need to be "discovered" by any researcher. These forms are freely offered to any parishioner or prospective parishioner upon admission to services within any Scientology Organization. Nobody forces anyone to sign them, and they are offered in full disclosure by the Public Registrars of the Church.

2) These documents do not "sign away basic rights" -- quite to the contrary, they safeguard our basic religious right to not fall in the hands of the psychiatric establishment unwillingly. You'll note, despite the deliberate slant of the article, that nothing in these documents is meant to obstruct medical care. In fact, in every Scientology Organization there is a sign, plainly visible to all applicants and new students, that encourages people with a medical condition to please see a Medical Doctor. All these documents do is prevent any practitioner from forcibly institutionalizing a Scientologist.

Considering the barbarities that pass for "healing" in the field of psychiatry, considering how grossly corrupt this field has become and how easily a person can be institutionalized against their will in this supposedly "free" semi-Orwellian society, I am surprised that documents such as these are not being drafted by lawyers every day for the benefit of the general population. They would certainly have protected Frances Farmer, Vivian Leigh, Kurt Cobain, and the 690,000-plus people that have died under inhumane conditions in psychiatric hospitals over the last few decades.


Greg Churilov, a Scientologist in San Diego