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Letter to the Editor

Ponca City News
October 11, 1996

These comments are in response to Mr. Maynard Hinman's letter that appeared in the Ponca City News of Sept. 12, 1996. I am not on the Otoe-Missouria Tribal Council anymore so I am not aware of Narconon coming to the forefront of Intertribal controversy. However, I am aware of some history of Narconon and CDA.

Mr. Hinman is presumptuous in stating, "Supporters of Narconon are encouraging propaganda that the BIA is behind anti-Narconon activities". I do support the efforts of Narconon, not because I am in need of its services (yet), but because there are individuals who are hopelessly in need of the services they provide. We should show compassion for these unfortunate persons rather discredit the efforts of their benefactors.

I will admit and so will Narconon that its original projections were never met. There are valid reasons why its projections were never met - objections. Objections and obstructions from and by our Indian people, local people, local governments; perhaps our State Licensing Agencies, and our BIA.

The principal objection I've heard about Narconon is that it is funded by the Church of Scientology. What a petty objection. I don't know the faith of my dentist, my optometrist, or my doctor. My haberdasher may be of the Jewish faith - so what. It is their services I am in need of.

True, the Chilocco Development Authority (CDA) is currently dissolved and the Tribes have that right and privilege; however, I believe that is a mistake. It is a mistake because: Tribes claim they are sovereign and yet they relinquish duties that an able accountant can adequately handle. A Tribal Chairperson has gone on record saying, " - we could make the decisions on where our federal program monies should be spent, rather than the BIA telling us where it would be spent. We, as a Tribe, know best where the money is needed".

I applaud those Ponca Tribal Members and Ponca Tribal Council Members who are supporting Narconon. It is not easy or popular to make this decision but we need to dance with "the one who brung us". How many of you Poncas attended the Pow-Wow that Narconon put on, were you complaining then?

I am confident the administrative personnel at Narconon would welcome constructive criticism. Give them a try.

These comments may not persuade anyone to change his mind or make a decision but I thought an opposing view from Mr. Hinman's should be expressed.

Dewey L. Dailey
Otoe-Missouria Tribal Member