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Newkirk Publisher Wins Cult Awareness Award

The Oklahoman
November 30, 1991

Robert Lobsinger, who with his wife, Susan, owns and publishes the Newkirk Herald Journal, has received the 1991 Leo J. Ryan Award from the Cult Awareness Network.

The award was presented recently at the Cult Awareness Network conference in Oklahoma City for Lobsinger's coverage of Narconon Chilocco New Life Center north of Newkirk.

Lobsinger was honored last year with a special legislative commendation for coverage of Narconon and its ties to the Church of Scientology.

Cult Awareness Network honors American citizens who exhibit "extraordinary courage, tenacity and perseverance in the battle against tyranny over the mind of man. " The award is named for U.S. Rep. Leo J. Ryan, who was killed Nov. 18, 1978, on an airstrip in Guyana where he and others had gone to investigate the colony established by the Rev. Jim Jones.

Ryan, Jones and 911 followers of Jones were killed or committed suicide in Guyana.