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Narconon: Let's Stick To the Facts

Daily Oklahoman
December 13, 1991


I would like to respond to the letter to the editor regarding the Narconon Program which I read on Nov. 27.

First, I would say that the courses which Greta Reade mentioned have nothing at all to do with the Narconon Program and in my 15 years of working with this organization they never have.

The thing I find most curious is how Reade, from Southfield, Mich., came to decide to send this letter to Oklahoma to try and circumvent Narconon's certification process with the mental health board. This is very mysterious. What is not so mysterious is the fact that she hasn't a clue about what the procedures are at Narconon.

Reade claims that "she heard that Kirstie Alley testified that the Narconon treatment program contained four elements. " She goes on to write about courses I have never heard of. Perhaps she could explain to me what a "Life Operations Course" is - I am curious. It was very clear that Reade's good friend who did some courses like the one mentioned above never enrolled in a Narconon Treatment Program.

Obviously, Reade and whomever was responsible for printing her letter at The Oklahoman did not attend the Oct. 18 mental health board hearing on Narconon's certification. Nor did she know that there were 12 hours of testimony from drug-free graduates and their parents and nationally recognized drug rehabilitation experts who supported the safety and effectiveness of the Narconon Chilocco Program.

Unlike Reade, I have firsthand knowledge of every aspect of the Narconon Program. I have firsthand knowledge of my stepdaughter's and my son-in-law's complete recovery from their drug problems through doing the Narconon Program at Chilocco. I have firsthand knowledge of my brother-in-law's recovery, not to mention my own recovery through Narconon from a 13-year heroin habit. And I have firsthand knowledge of many other graduates who are enjoying drug-free lives as a result of completing the Narconon Program. Let's speak about facts - not illusioned ramblings about what someone "heard" about Narconon who lives in a town out of state who hasn't a clue on how Narconon operates.

Gary Smith, president, Narconon Chilocco New Life Center